Paragon Foundation

for the advancement of art and culture

Bridging Fine Art and Digital Transformation

The Paragon Foundation (NPO) collects art that is formative for the perception of the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as regionally significant works. The focus of our work is the symbiosis of technological projects and fine arts. For this, we support artists and institutions with our project space in the center of Leipzig, which is open for charitable use.



Uniting the spheres of art and digital technology. An innovative space supported by experts in Web3, AI, 3D imaging and design

A Nexus of Art and Innovation

Paragon Project Space is a innovative exhibition space located in the heart of Leipzig, provided for artists and institutions. Facilitated by the non-profit and state-recognized Paragon Foundation, this space fosters art and culture through the unique combination of artistic creation with state-of-the-art digital technology. The Foundation employs experts in programming, blockchain, Web3, AI, design, and graphics, who are available to assist artists and collectors in developing their projects. With 3D scanners and the capability to create augmented reality projects and 3D objects, Paragon Project Space offers a uniquely environment.


Paragon Collection: A global panorama of 20th and 21st-century art, championing renowned masters and regional significant movements.

Unique Artistry Across Borders

Dive into the Paragon Collection - a carefully curated showcase of modern and contemporary art, reflecting global art history. Our assortment boasts iconic works from masters like Picasso, Warhol, Dali, while also shining a spotlight on regionally significant art movements and artists. This collection is not just a treasure of Leipzig; it serves as a cultural narrative, emphasizing the significance of regional art forms that are profoundly influential. With a commitment to continuous expansion and public engagement, we aim to share these art gems in our Leipzig space and international exhibitions.


Immerse yourself in our trailblazing digital collection - a perfect blend of innovation, creation, and technology.

Revolutionizing Creativity in Digital Art

Venture into the future of art with our pioneering digital collection, where we push the boundaries of creativity through an innovative blend of NFTs, video art, memes, and more. As we strive to lead the global digital art scene, we actively collaborate with the world's top artists, showcasing their unique and inspiring digital masterpieces. But we don't just collect - we also empower artists and institutions to create and distribute digital art. If you're a digital artist seeking support or an enthusiast eager to explore the world of blockchain and NFTs, consider us your go-to experts in this thrilling artistic revolution.


Seeking Remarkable Artwork: Your Masterpiece is Our Interest - Direct Acquisition for Ower Collection.

Art Acquisition: Expanding Our Curated Collection

Expand the Paragon Foundation's collection by offering your distinguished artwork. We acquire pieces from celebrated artists with a quick, direct, and secure process. Our interest lies primarily in museeum quality art - the kind that has a story to tell and enriches our collection. As a non-profit organization, our aim is to foster art and culture, and your contribution could become an integral part of that. We ensure immediate payments and straightforward communication. So, if you're an art owner, gallery, dealer, or institution with something exceptional to offer, let's connect. Discover more about our acquisition process on the following page.

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Connect and Share Perspectives

Considering an art and tech venture in your organization or need assistance? Perhaps you're contemplating selling artwork to our foundation's collection, or utilizing our project area? We're all ears.

Reach out to us to delve deeper into our projects, exchange viewpoints, or contemplate prospective partnerships. We're always eager to stimulate development and novelty within our community.

Our Events & Global Participation

Join us on our journey through the world of art. From our exclusive local events to prestigious international fairs, we're your gateway to the pulse of the art world.

Art Basel 2023
Location: Basel / Switzerland

Art Basel 2023 is set to feature over 200 leading galleries and 4,000+ artists from five continents, with numerous high-quality exhibitions in Basel. It will provide a platform for dialogue among international artworld members and also promote sustainability measures.

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Location: London / UK

Frieze London 2023, one of the world's leading contemporary art fairs, will be held in The Regent's Park from October 11-15, featuring international galleries, solo shows, and multi-artist exhibitions.

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TEFAF 2023
Location: New York / USA

TEFAF New York, the city's prestigious art market, will be held from May 12-16, 2023 at the Park Avenue Armory. The fair will feature 91 global galleries, expert discussions, and an online edition showcasing select masterpieces.

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Art Basel Miami 2023
Location: Miami / USA

Art Basel Miami Beach returns from December 8-10, 2023, showcasing works from leading global galleries. Highlights include modern and contemporary masters, emerging talents, and special sectors featuring diverse art forms.

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Art Dubai 2023
Location: Dubai / UAE

Art Dubai 2023 featured digital and new media art, showcased emerging painters, and spotlighted solo presentations of artists from the Global South. The event reinforced Dubai's position as a global digital and cultural hub.

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Venice Biennale 2022
Location: Basel / Switzerland

The 59th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, titled "The Milk of Dreams", is taking place from April 23 to November 27, 2022. Curated by Cecilia Alemani, it features 213 artists from 58 countries, 80 national participations, and 31 collateral events.

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